A CicC ASS workout

In March 2021 Mizkan Europe appointed us as the retained agency for a number of its FMCG brands, including Sarson’s vinegar and OSU apple cider vinegar.

We got cracking right away and our first cab off the rank for OSU apple cider vinegar was a corker.

To emphasise how to use OSU apple cider vinegar and promote positive wellbeing habits, we created the first ever workout that crosses over fitness and cooking. Our CicC-Ass workout classes (that’s Completely Intensive Cooking Class) packed in all the energy of a HiiT session combined with live cooking as part of the class, all set to lively soundtrack. The classes then ran for five weeks at a gym in central London.

Choosing the moment that gyms and exercise classes opened up after lockdown to launch the activity, we quickly landed swathes of top tier cover including pieces in Metro, Daily Express, Hello!, Female First and London on the Inside.

We also packed the classes full of influencers who championed the initiative through their channels.

The activity proved a hit and allowed us to sample the product to key media while talking up the different ways to use the product.

During the five week run, awareness of the brand was up by 50% (measured through YouGov’s brand tracking platform).