Better content by building partnerships

Jay-Z & Kanye (1). Nike & Virgil Abloh (2). The Avengers…

Partnerships, collaborations & team-ups.

Hardly a new marketing phenomenon but regardless of what we call them, we are surrounded by notable examples. Which isn’t a surprise when they continue to offer exciting outcomes for brands looking to engage either a new or complimentary audience.

Done right, they are almost like the perfect holiday romance. Two like-minded individuals having a lustful fling which, in the short term, creates nothing but positive memories.

That’s not to say they are a foolproof method of adding the x-factor to an activation strategy. For every Uber x Spotify (3) there are notable examples that have also missed the mark, such as Apple subjecting every iTunes user to a U2 (4) album no one seemingly wanted or asked for…

However, we can learn a lot from the tried and tested model of a good brand partnership when considering the merits of a content creator. Or influencer as an ever-increasing number of creative briefs will call them.

Influencer is a catch all categorisation we aren’t a massive fan of. It’s a broad description that often muddies the already murky waters of why you are looking to approach them in the first place.

We much prefer taking the view of looking at an influencer as a brand in their own right. Just as importantly, a creative who has garnered a genuine audience connection through their work who we can learn from during any collaborative process.

Applying the same rules of engagement any brand would to an influencer partnership is, we believe, the best way to make something that will ultimately appeal to both sets of existing consumers or fans.

Less: ‘channel/audience to piggyback’

More: ’50/50 collaborator to make cool stuff alongside’

It seems like an obvious thing to say, but in the age of arguing over impressions, reach and engagement, it’s easy to lose sight of the creative that is even more essential to wow viewers in the first instance.

So, go forth and identify that killer creative mind that could supercharge a campaign.

Prove that they share your audience DNA and that together your partnership will create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

But do so whilst wearing some amazing Adidas x Game of Thrones sneakers.