We’re hiring … graduate trainee roles available

The role

Internships will vary from person to person. Some people may have a firm grasp on PR already, perhaps having studied the subject directly or undertaken work experience elsewhere. Others may be fresh from uni or have experience in other sectors.

Generally, you’ll work on two to three clients, supporting the account team. This could include looking after cuttings, reporting, creating and maintaining media lists and research. You might also find yourself lending a hand on photoshoots, client events, drafting copy, agency brainstorms, selling in stories to the media and sitting in on client meetings.

We’ll also need you to do plenty of reading. The best way to get to grips with the media landscape is bury your head in magazines, papers, online titles – it’s by far the quickest way to learn who writing what and where. It’ll also help develop your eye for what makes a decent story.

How long is the trainee scheme?

Three months initially. Apologies but we don’t offer shorter “work experience” placements.

The hours

Generally, 9am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday. But PR doesn’t always follow office hours. There may be times when you need to come in early, to help the team prepare for a pitch or meeting. And there may be times, when you’re out working an event until late. Occasional weekend work might also be required but we offer paid time off in lieu if this is the case.

What we look for in our people

We’re looking for people who want to start a career in PR. We’re less interested in those wishing to “test the water”, so an understanding of what PR is and how it works is essential, and if you’ve spent time at an agency or in-house department already, then all the better.

More widely, we value a sleeves-rolled-up approach and a willingness to get the job done. We like problem solvers, smart-thinkers and we admire integrity and passion. We also like those who are able to separate confidence from cockiness – because there’s a rather fine line, we think.

The wages

£300 per week

What happens at the end of three months?

There could be several outcomes. If it all goes well (on both sides), then you’ll become a junior account executive and begin a more structured programme of training, including formal sessions and development from work on accounts day-to-day.

If things don’t go so well for whatever reason, then you’re free to leave, providing you give us a few days’ notice. Equally, if we don’t think you’ll make the step to junior account executive, we’ll be straight up with you, in good time.

Or we may extend the programme, if we feel we need to see a bit more of you to address any issues.

Interested? Drop us a line …

Get in touch on jointheteam@switchedoncomms.co.uk send over your CV and tell us a little bit about yourself.