Prosecco is still fizzing

The UK’s thirst for Prosecco shows no sign of slowing so when word got out (perhaps somewhat prematurely) that there might not be enough to go round, pretty much every news outlet ran the “shortage” headline.

However, the good folk at Prosecco DOC knew otherwise. So we got to work helping them package up and present the real figures, based around a bumper harvest last September.

Choosing last week’s London Wine Fair to share the story, we lined up back-to-back interviews with the DOC’s general director, delivering the news face to face with a large helping of Italian charm.

Our work paid off in rather grand fashion, as the story cleaned up across the media including pieces in The Times, Evening Standard, Daily Star,,, Metro,, Yahoo, Marie Claire, Bloomberg News, Drinks Business, Off Licence News and Harpers Wine & Spirit.

So relax folks, the Summer is saved…there’s not a Prosecco shortage after all.