From hipster to high street

Beards. Love ’em or loathe ’em, they’re pretty damn popular right now.

In fact, a bit of googling suggests opinions are split quite firmly between love and hate but one thing does stand out – over half of UK men now have a beard. This got us thinking – they can’t all be trendy-types, with check shirts and skinny jeans, can they? Are we looking at a shift from hipster to high street?

With this in mind, we set out to paint a picture of the modern British man and opened a BIG can of worms in the process. Turns out beards are a pretty emotive subject. We found the modern bearded man is 34 years old, earns around £40k a year, works in IT, finance or retail, is married, prefers tea to coffee and keeps in shape by playing footie and hitting the gym. Not exactly hipster material, huh?

The media agreed and it opened up a big beard-based discussion, with no less than 17 radio stations discussing the story, many even involving their listeners in the debate. Highlights included BBC Leeds, who hit the streets to grab vox pops and BBC Oxford, Birmingham’s Big City and Newcastle’s Metro, who all made it their discussion point of the day, prompting a raft of call-ins and tweets. We also landed pieces in the Daily Star, Daily Star online, Evening Standard, and, to name a small few.

The best bit? 100% of the coverage mentioned our client.

Simple insight. Quick turn around. Great coverage for Percy Nobleman to support it’s launch into high street retailer Boots.