five recent pop-up efforts we think are rather brilliant

Microchippy, by the Dogs Trust

Finding a fun way to deliver a serious message, the Dogs Trust turned Bubbledogs (gourmet hotdog and champagne bar) into a doggie wonderland allowing man to spend the most romantic weekend of the year with his best friend. Genius.

The Crème Egg Café by Cadbury’s

Culturally relevant, well timed and laden with one-off experiences. And it cleaned up in the coverage department – the video of the Daily Telegraph’s Harry Wallop dipping toast soldiers into a crème egg says it all.

Carousel London

Okay, this might not have come from a PR mind but it’s definitely worth a mention. Taking the humble pop-up to the next level, with a line up of chefs/restaurants from around the world rotating almost weekly. It’s currently one of the most talked about offerings on the London food scene.

Once upon a Wigwam, by Queen of Hoxton

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, it’s warm, wintery and wondrous. And build on the rooftop of Hoxton’s favourite venue. Nuff said.

The Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop, by Skittles

The Wrigley-owned sweet brand provided a brilliant solution to the awkward problem of what to do with those unwanted Christmas presents, by building a pawn shop and encouraging the people of Toronto to swap their gifts in exchange for packets of Skittles. Love it.