Creating an Onsen for OSU

We love creating amazing experiences here at Switched On, so when OSU asked us for a summer campaign, we came up with this corker.

In support of the brand’s creative platform “a lifelong Japanese tradition” we created a UK first in the form of the OSU Onsen – an authentic Onsen experience on the banks of the stunning Beckenham Place Park lake in South London.

In many Onsen across Japan, enjoying apple cider cider vinegar is part of the ritual. So our mineral-rich baths were set to a balmy 25 degrees with views looking out over the tranquil lake, surrounded by sakura blossoms and bamboo divides. And of course guests were served up OSU apple cider vinegar, from an onsite bar.

And as Onsen are usually enjoyed naked in Japan, we even laid on a scattering of cheeky no-clothes-allowed bathing sessions for those wishing to enjoy the full experience.

Timing is everything in this game and we launched the OSU Onsen on the final weekend of the Tokyo Olympics, when we knew media interest in Japanese culture would be heightened.

It worked wonderfully, and the team did a top job landing some stellar coverage in the likes of the Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Express, Metro, Time Out, Hello!, Evening Standard and Yahoo to name a few.

Every session sold out and every piece of coverage we landed drilled home essential key messages about the product, how you consume it and why you’d want to.

Happy days, indeed.