Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Whilst probably not the most insightful statement, we believe that great creative work comes from great insights.

However, trying to pinpoint what forms the basis of a great insight is much harder, even for the best minds in the industry.

The ‘right’ insight is easier to quantify as an emotion.

Much like seeing a 30-yard screamer thundering towards goal, you have half a second before it hits the back of the net where your pupils dilate, you rise from your seat and you KNOW it’s a great.

It’s the same feeling when you uncover an insight that triggers creativity – something that immediately bridges the gap between problem and solution.

That’s not the end of the process, of course, but you can often see that eureka insight within the execution.

Here are 3 recent campaigns where we believe the insight was key to the eventual idea.


Philadelphia on bagels.

It’s a combo that everyone, even the cream cheese haters among us, can acknowledge makes sense.

But how do you show Philadelphia being spread on other items?

We can imagine the insight here started as a negative, with the vast majority of customers revealing that they spread Philadelphia on bagels but rarely consider it as a ‘go to’ filling for other snacks.

The solution? Have fun with that and make EVERYTHING a bagel.

Introducing ‘Bagel That’ by Philadelphia. Which is, basically, a hole punch for food…




But it’s also a bit fun and the content lends itself to being sharable. Ultimately what you are sharing is an advert for the spread on items that aren’t actually bagels. For once.

A shared insight can be PR gold.

If your problem is something that members of the public, young and old, can relate to… then the solution will often resonate with the simplest of solutions.

So how do you get ketchup out of the bottle successfully?

To tackle the largest of all first world problems (well, it is in our house), Heinz in Canada produced the ‘Perfect-Pour’ bottle.

By rotating the label on the bottle to a 45-degree angle they have shown in very literal way how to make the most of your sauce.


Simple but effective.

It’s a pure PR stunt in essence but it’s one that takes customer feedback (as an insight) into consideration, creates a unique product for store shelves but just as importantly, it raises a smile on the faces of even the staunchest of brown sauce devotees.

Last but far from least, for the last three years Alzheimer’s Research UK has used a simple insight to spread awareness that dementia is not a natural part of ageing. The creative remains as strong now as it was at launch.

Physical diseases, most commonly Alzheimer’s, cause dementia. The damage to a brain with Alzheimer’s can leave it weighing 140g less than a healthy one.

That’s roughly the weight of an orange.  

By asking members of the public to simply #ShareTheOrange, this simple but incredibly powerful message is one that educates with impact.

The latest iteration of #ShareTheOrange launched this week. And we love it.