Celebrating a year of Switched On!

We’re still pinching ourselves, but somehow, Switched On is exactly one year old. Or young, depending on how you look at it.

What a tremendous year we’ve had – a heady mix of amazing clients, solid work, talented people and, very recently, award nominations.

Here are ten things Lauren and Carl are especially proud of:

  1. After an age of talking about it, we actually managed to start an agency. Excuse us while we throw cold water over our faces…
  2. We’re entirely self-funded. We own us
  3. Pitching and winning some very cool clients, starting a year ago with Taste of London and including Ford, Duck & Waffle, SUSHISAMBA, T2, Percy Nobleman, Prosecco DOC and Drop
  4. We started to build a team. And a bloody incredible lot, they are too
  5. We helped Taste of London achieve their biggest and best year in the festival’s history. Their words, not ours. How about that?
  6. We made T2 famous in the world of design, pairing them with pattern-pioneers PATTERNITY, creating loads of content and making them a part of the London Design Festival map
  7. We said ‘no’ a few times. Both to work we didn’t believe in and to clients with unrealistic expectations. We also said no to continued pleas for an office pet.
  8. The coverage poured in (quite literally). Across the board, the team have landed some truly stunning pieces that have made our clients warm and fuzzy inside
  9. We’ve just been nominated for best new agency at an industry shindig, for our efforts
  10. We’ve worked harder than we’ve ever worked – and we’ve had ten times the fun

The best part? This is just the beginning.