Devine drinks for Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

You know those make-something-happen-out-of-nothing kinda ideas? That’s exactly what we did for Sheraton Grand London Park Lane recently.

Have you ever noticed that Green Park has no permanent flower beds?

Rumour has it that throughout his reign, King Charles II would take the short walk from Buckingham Palace to Green Park to pick the gorgeous flowers blossoming in the green especially for his mistress. Naughty. Upon hearing the news, his wife, Queen Catherine of Braganza, ordered all the flowers to be removed from the park, coining the familiar name ‘Green Park’. To this day, Green Park remains the only London park to be without planted flower beds.

It’s a wonderful story and with hotel overlooking the park, we thought we’d bring the flowers back via a seasonal drinks menu.

The hotel’s mixologist whipped up three fantastic tipples – King Charles’ English Rose, Queen Catherine’s revenge and the Mistress Martini – for guests to enjoy in the Palm Court or from the comfort of their Park View suite, overlooking a these-days-very-green, Green Park.

Great drinks with a great story. The likes of Conde Nast Traveller, Hello, Country and Townhouse and The Handbook agreed, as did the Capital’s notable Instagram crowd.

For no more than the cost of a photographer, this is how we like a good press office to roll.