Mo(tea)vating the nation

Quick out of the blocks in 2017, we aimed to mo(tea)vate the nation, all in the name of highlighting T2’s new ‘Glow’ range of tea.

With the new range containing teas like Blueberry Blaze, Fresh Start and Get Up & Glow designed to invigorate and energise, we figured we’d offer the nation a little extra boost when they needed it most by jumping on the annual appetite for post-Christmas fitness.

We came up with an accessible five-part exercise and wellbeing programme, with each activity designed to be completed in the time it takes to boil the kettle and brew the perfect cup.

Partnering with the lovely folk at Another_Space in Covent Garden, we created five films featuring a mix of HiiT and Yoga to offer a kick at the times of day you need it the most (and when you might naturally enjoy a tea) – waking up, elevenses, mid-afternoon, post-work and pre-bed.

With the addition of a somewhat obvious pun, we christened the programme Moteavation, and off we went.

We kicked off by laying on a class to showcase the programme to group of media and social influencers, before pushing the content out via Instagram and Facebook, starting on Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year, statistically speaking.

Posting one film a day, across five days our content hit the mark, being seen more than 400k times, across T2 and Another_Space channels, using a mix of paid-for and organic posting.

The media loved the lapped up the story too, as we placed our video content with the likes of the Evening Standard, Metro, Daily Express, Mail Online, Red, Neon London, Get the Gloss, We Heart Living and Female First, to name a few.

Feedback from T2 was that web traffic jumped as a direct result of our work, which when all is said and done, is the important part.