Helping the public become #T2Obsessed

Recently, T2 embarked on their first ad campaign in the UK which went on to land across a mixture of social media channels.

The premise was simple: when someone steps into a T2 store for the first time and starts to discover new flavours, they often find a tea that works for them and become a little obsessed with it.

If you’ve never been to a T2 store before, trust us, it happens.

Subsequently, #T2Obsessed was born and brought to life through a series of compelling film and image content, oozing with Melbourne coffee-shop-cool.

From there, we were asked to help bring the campaign to life.

So, taking a very lateral approach we opted to find a handful influential Instagram users who were yet to discover the wonderful world of T2, inviting them into the flagship store on Regent St so they could discover their own T2 obsession.

They were treated to a few hours of brewing techniques, flavour profiling, sampling and exploring some of the 200 loose-leaf varieties on offer, before leaving with armfuls of goodies.

And it seemed to do the trick too, as over the next ten days or so, 17 images were posted featuring T2 tea and kit, reaching an audience of nearly 700,000 on Instagram, all encouraging followers to find their tea obsession with T2.

The engagement was strong with little over 23,700 likes and just shy of 500 comments across the posted content.

We’ll take that. And we helped T2 find a new set of influential fans in London.