Probably the greatest festive feast EVER

A few weeks ago, the Taste of London team got to create what we can only describe as a quite possibly, the best festive feast EVER.

Conceived and styled by us, we gathered chefs Tom Kerridge, Mark Hix, Sophie Michelle and Pascal Aussignac and asked them to cook up their favourite seasonal dishes. The result was pretty amazing with a huge table laden with glorious dishes, leaving us wondering how our own Christmas spread this year would ever come close.

The shots captured the warmth of the moment and landed us a handful of cracking pieces in the Evening Standard,, Daily Star,, Mail Online, Event, Crummbs and Smokebark.

The kicker? The whole things was put together in three days and on a shoestring. Just goes to show what can be achieved with a quick idea sold last minute and executed with passion and precision, we’d say.

Merry Christmas, indeed.