Launching the “kitchen of the future”

Of late, we’ve been somewhat busy launching a rather brilliant partnership, between our client Drop Kitchen and global appliance giant, Bosch.

Last week some of the team nipped over to Berlin for IFA, Europe’s biggest tech show, with a handful of media in tow.

We were peddling a rather exciting tie up, between Drop and Bosch, that will allow people to control their kitchen appliances wirelessly through an integrated recipe app platform.

Imagine the scene; you pull up the Drop app to create a top-notch dinner for you and the other half. Before you start cooking, your smart fridge says you don’t have enough of a particular ingredient, so the app recalibrates the recipe accordingly. Then when called for, you need to blend ingredients together. The app talks to your blender, turns it on (and off again) at the right point, cutting to the desired size, automatically. The same with your oven. Pre-heating to the right temperature for the right amount of time, wirelessly, as part of the recipe process.

We know, right? Very cool.

And it was the later that marked the focus of our efforts, as Bosch’s Series 8 Connected Oven became the first product to be integrated onto the Drop Kitchen platform.

It’s fair to say the media were more than impressed with Drop’s “recipe book of the future”, as shortly after the press conference, coverage started rolling in.

Highlights so far have included Shortlist, Metro, T3 (twice), Telegraph, Evening Standard, Silicon Republic, Yahoo, PC Mag, Engadget, Daily Star, Gadget Magazine and the Daily Express.

The Press Association also included us in their IFA round up, so the regional coverage is trickling in as we speak.

We also helped the news travel State-side too, landing pieces with CNET, TechCrunch, San Francisco Chronicle, Digital Trends, Electronic House and Laptop Magazine.

And this is just the beginning. With plenty more in the pipeline, you’ll be hearing a lot more from Drop Kitchen in the weeks and months to come.