Launching Taste of London 2016

It’s not every day you get to pummel a handful of London’s greatest chefs with bucketful’s of ingredients, but that’s exactly what we’ve been up to this week.

All in the name of the UK’s best and biggest restaurant festival, naturally.

To mark tickets going on-sale for Taste of London, we asked Monica Galetti, Francesco Mazzei, Ben Tish, Dan Doherty, Ana Morris and Pascal Aussignac for their favourite ingredient, before covering them (quite literally), with food.

The results were more than striking, even if we were just a little bit scared of throwing flour in Monica Galetti’s face …

We’re more than chuffed with the end shots and it seemed the media were too, as we landed half a page in the Evening Standard, an online picture gallery on, Waitrose Weekend, a stunner of a feature on the Mail Online, plus a smattering of hits across the foodie press.

Ticket sales got off to a flying start for this summer’s festival, which looks set to be the best yet.