Fido at the lido

Sometimes, the best stories come from spotting the things that others don’t.

And so it was last week, when trawling through the VisitBrighton website we noticed that Saltdean Lido were holding a “swim with your dog” day, to mark the close of the summer season.

Dogs. Swimming. In water. With their humans. Gold, we thought.

A few phone calls later, we were all set.

The team were up and onsite early Saturday morning to proceedings, with our work paying off in spectacular fashion.

Opening The Sunday Times yesterday, we were greeted with a rather brilliant picture dominating page 4 of the paper.

The MailOnline also ran a stunner of a piece, featuring multiple shots of soggy looking mutts enjoying themselves.

Next up, we landed a slot on the tele, with BBC South East covering the event on their Saturday evening bulletin. The footage was also featured on BBC News online and pushed out through their huge social channels, clocking up nearly 190,000 likes on Instagram and 4,000 shares on Facebook.

BBC Radio Sussex also showed some love for the story, pushing it out throughout Saturday on their news section on the hour, every hour.

A rather decent effort all in all, showing off Brighton’s quirkier side to the nation without needing to spend a penny over our monthly retainer fee.