Getting Ar-Tea for London Design Festival

London Design Festival is one of the biggest design gatherings in the world and a cracking opportunity for likeminded brands to show off their design creds to the great and good of the Capital’s creative community.

That’s exactly what we did for our client T2 Tea last week, following an annual brief asking us to highlight the slick design-led vibe they’ve come to be famous for.

Our idea was simple. We invited five prominent London artists to reimagine T2’s iconic orange boxes, taking inspiration from the tea inside to create beautiful works directly onto the packaging.

Turning T2’s Shoreditch store (at the heart of the design trail) into an open workshop, we armed each artist with a set of ‘blanked’ packaging and asked them to do their thing, live and in real time, in the window space at the store. Then we offered up each bespoke ‘1 of 1’ piece for sale, to design fans who were quick enough off the mark.

And in short, the results were stunning.

We asked each artist to produce a handful of pre-festival designs which allowed us to create a set of media assets, before setting about publicising the whole thing to the design press.

We landed hits with design stalwarts like Digital Arts, Design Guru, Explore, Retail Design World, Dezeen, Design Curial and Made in Shoreditch.

Then we hit up all the right “what’s on” guides, like Londonist, The List, All in London, I’m a Londonder, What’s On London, Time Out and Principle Place.

All in all, our work delivered a reach of more than 10 million, targeted specifically in the design world, just as T2 wanted it to be.

Until next year, #LDF …