Urban Foraging vs Urban Decay

When the folk at Duck & Waffle asked for our help to drive their ‘innovation in drinks’ message, we got rather excited.

Not least because head mixologist Rich Woods is somewhat of a magician when it comes to drinks.

So we worked alongside Rich, who devised a unique, clever and intriguing cocktail menu that was both newsworthy and down-right delicious.

Urban Foraging v Urban Decay was born.

The premise was two opposing but complimentary menus that explored two sides of modern life, both playful and somewhat mystical. One side was created using wild ingredients foraged from within London and the other using discarded by-products of everyday life.

The result was drinks like The Colony, using red ants, Breakfast with Hemmingway, using burnt toast, Meadow Spritz, using cut grass, and Pollen, using – yep, you’ve guessed it – pollen.

Neat, huh? We thought so.

From there, our job was to get people talking about what Rich had created. And they went down a storm, with media queuing at the door to try them, quite literally.

We landed stonking pieces with both Metro and the Evening Standard, first off, to get the ball rolling.

From there, the coverage flowed (and still is flowing come to think of it), with the likes of Time Out, Stylist, Mr Hyde, Shortlist.com, Neon London, FT How To Spend It, The Drinks Business, The Spirits Business, London on the Inside and Crummbs all giving the menu a decent shout.

As for the aim, traffic to the bar is booming and Duck & Waffle has already extended the menu by another month.